Operation Ivanhoe


50th Anniversary of Operation Ivanhoe

including The Battle of Nui Le 20 September 1971


The Department of Veterans Affairs is hosting the 50th anniversary National Commemorative Service of Operation Ivanhoe including the Battle of Nui Le at the Vietnam Memorial in ANZAC Parade, Bardon, Canberra on Monday 20 September 2021. The event will include a parade of unit Colours, Banners and Guidons and a memorial service at which the Sovereign’s Banner of the RAE will be on-parade. There will not be a march past of veterans.The Battle of Nui Le was the final large-scale engagement by the Australian Army with enemy forces in Phouc Tuy Province.

The Australian War Memorial has scheduled a Last Post Ceremony in the Commemorative Courtyard commencing at 4:45 pm 21 September 2021 in memory of Private Ralph Niblett who was KIA on Operation Ivanhoe on 21 September 1971 (NOTE: this is the day after the commemoration in ANZAC Parade). He was the last Australian digger of 1ATF to be KIA in the war of South Vietnam.

This is a ticketed event and anybody who wishes to attend this LPC must register individually with the AWM beforehand.

Sappers of 1 FD SQN GP RAE are cordially invited to attend the memorial service in Canberra on 20 September 2021.

The Service at the Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial on 20 September 2021The National Commemorative Service for the 50th anniversary of Operation Ivanhoe including the Battle of Nui Le will commence at 10:30 am Monday 20 September 2021 at the Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial on ANZAC Parade Canberra. It is expected that this service will run for about one hour.

Attendees should be in position by NLT 10:00 am in order to receive information about the event and also to view images of the Operation and Battle on a large screen audio-visual display unit.

During the service, unit representatives will be invited to lay a wreath. The nominated 1 FD SQN GP RAE representative is Mr George Hulse as President of 1 FD SQN GP RAE Association.

At the completion of the wreath laying ceremony, an invitation will be extended to anybody else who would like to lay a wreath.

Be aware that news media will be present at the service and you are invited to make comment on your participation on the Operation. 

Please take advantage of this opportunity to promote the Corps of RAE and in particular emphasise the role played by our Sappers in the Vietnam war. Should you wish to be interviewed during this event by the media, please let me know and I will nominate you as a spokesperson for 1 FD SQN GP RAE.

Parking and Transport.
Movement to and from the ANZAC Parade service on 20 September 2021 is an individual responsibility. There will be no shuttle services provided for general attendees. Parking is available in the streets adjacent to the ANZAC Parade Australian Vietnam Forces National Monument as well as a good public bus service from Civic Centre to the AWM and areas close to ANZAC Parade, Bardon.It is the attendee’s responsibility to provide their own transport to and from the event on 20 September 2021.

Should we receive a roll-up of Sappers for this last of all 50th anniversaries of battles from the Vietnam War and you would like to meet for a get-together after the service, please contact me on eddsniffer@optusnet.com.au with your details and I will arrange for an engineer table for the evening meal of 20 September 2021 in a high quality Canberra restaurant.


DVA has requested that units attending this event give indicative numbers of attendees so that seating arrangements, orders of service and other considerations be met.

Please advise me by email eddsniffer@optusnet.com.au or 

SMS 0412 341 363 if you intend:

1.to be at the ANZAC Parade service on 20 September 2021.

2. If you would like to get-together for an evening meal as a group.

3. If you are willing to be interviewed by the news media.

Yours in Sappering

George Hulse OAM


1 FD SQN GP RAE Association.

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