1CER Update

October 2020

1 Field Squadron RAE Association

Dear 1 Fd Sqn Associations,


2020 continues to provide us with unique opportunities to demonstrate the squadron's flexibility and to serve the Australian people. As I write this update, a large part of the squadron is deployed to the Northern Territory borders as part of Operation COVID-19 ASSIST. The remainder of the squadron continues to conduct training, focusing on key courses that will set the conditions for success in 2021.

This quarter allowed us to conduct some good field training. The squadron as a whole participate in a regimental exercise in Mount Bundey Training Area, with our squadron training focussing on search, obstacle construction, and breaching. 2 Troop exploited an additional opportunity to join with a Combat Team from 5 RAR, participating in Exercise Koolondong alongside the United States Marine Corps. Finally, two of our teams participated in 5 RAR's Section Competition, earning praise from the infantry for their performance.

Despite compressed training opportunities, our junior leaders continue to perform well - I've been very impressed by their efforts throughout the year.

With the development of the La Nina weather pattern, we will not be at all surprised if the year has more challenges for us to come. Once again, we hope that all former members of the squadron and their families remain safe and look forward to seeing you face to face in the near future.

Yours sincerely

Matthew Scott
Officer Commanding 1 Field Squadron
Robertson Barracks
Thomgate Road
13 October 2020

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