Amiens Memorial Bridge

Proposed Bailey Bridge
The Amiens Memorial Bridge
will be similar to this image.

Our memorial bridge to be built in Amiens France has been overtaken by the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel bans and restrictions have forced the postponement of the build and dedication of the bridge to 8 August 2021, when hopefully, this international calamity will be a thing of the past. More information on ceremonial and dedication arrangements will be passed on during the coming months.

John Pritchard has been in contact with Boronia Travel and confirms that they are willing to hold over all deposits until August 2021 for any travel that was booked with them prior to the travel bans.

There may be a developing issue between the French engineers and the Chinese manufacturer of the Bailey Bridge. There are a number of technical assessments to be provided by the Chinese supplier before the French engineers are able to provide final Certification for the bridge. There appears to be some impediment here with the Chinese suppliers not able to provide this technical data at this time. If this matter is not resolved, we will need to review our bridge. I have assessed a company in Amiens that has produced excellent work for both the French government and the Sir John Monash Centre at Villers-Bretonneux and who would do a first-class job of providing our bridge. It would not be Bailey Bridge but a timber structure of acceptable design to ourselves and the French engineers. Watch this space.

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